Thomas T.

Nothing but support

I used to be athletic, but overweight all of my life. I played football in high school & college until injuries plagued my football career, forcing me to leave college early. I managed the pain decently, but my weight fluctuated from 275-295lbs. for about 4-5 years after leaving football. In January 2016, I hit the heaviest I’ve ever been which was 305lbs. I slowly but surely decided to change my lifestyle. About 6 months in, I lost about 40 lbs., but plateaued at 260 lbs. & couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. 

I discovered Orangetheory because of my mother who became a member. I took a few classes with her in St. Augustine and loved it, so I checked out the studio near me. Since November, I’ve lost an additional 30lbs. weighing 230lbs, which I haven’t weighed since the 8th grade. 

"I love the coaches -- the support they provide and the community OTF has provided for me." 

One of the head coaches has been the best influence for me. As somebody with a football past, I’m very competitive & probe to injuries due to past issues with my knees & lower back. My coach has been able to accommodate the weight room exercises in a way that’s allowed me to satisfy my competitive nature and get a great workout without aggravating any pre-existing injuries. 

Orangetheory has truly changed my life for the better. Not only physically - my confidence is higher than ever before.