Wendy M.

Seeing REsults

I joined the Concord, California, studio in June 2017 and went all-out for a 60-day straight workout plan as my first goal. I had not been in the gym for about eight months prior to joining. No excuses, just life.

Wow, what amazing results I’ve seen in my body in just 60 days! I am 52 years old, 5 feet 4 and 120 pounds. I am now leaner, with increased muscle mass and incredible endurance after such a short amount of time. No other workout in 25 years has provided me these kinds of results! How can this be?

"Needless to say, I’m a splat addict and love everything about the program, the science behind the training, the science behind the brain and the science behind the how."

I bleed orange in every sense of the word now. I speak of Orangetheory Fitness to everyone I meet, and I wear Orangetheory apparel everywhere I go.

I am so excited to build on this foundation, to embrace the uncomfortable and to go all-out for my next 60-day journey.